Heartwork with Horses...Horse powered wellness...

To us, the horse is one of the most intuitive of all sentient creatures. They have been domesticated by man, but still retain their primal wisdom and herd hierarchy. They are prey animals, so they have a highly developed sense of awareness, they have to if they are to survive. The horse is often referred to a mirror in this work, which I find somewhat limiting. The horse doesn't just reflect back our behavior, he is able to sense emotional and physical barriers that keep us from our own true self. The horse is truthful and wise, has a finite limit for behavior that is less than honest or open, and can humble us and frustrate us as we learn about ourselves. But all the while he is teaching, guiding and showing us what we need to see about ourselves and what we need to move past to be who we want to be.

In all the years we have worked bringing horses and humans together, we have seen our share of things that can't be described as anything other than miraculous. Children speaking their first words, taking their first steps, each and every day brought something new and wonderful to our farm. But we received much more than those gifts, we were able to watch the horses seek out locked away emotion, experiences and pain. We watched them communicate so clearly, so instinctively, and gently. They were playful at times, other times a bit impatient! But then there was that moment when what they were trying to tell us made perfect sense. It reached us in ways that nothing else can. It is a spiritual and honest experience that can be the catalyst for life long positive growth and change.

Our Heartwork sessions here with the horses can take many forms, and each visit will bring new awareness and learning. But at the center of it all is the mind-body connection to the present in the moment, with nature with the horses. Through guided meditation and learning, we takes steps to reconnect with our own instincts, calm our minds, be present in the moment and recharge with nature. We will be working our beautiful team of horses each time you visit, and they will help guide you through the meditation, with journaling, and in our interactions with each other.

We offer open Heartwork Meditation with the horses on Wednesday each week from 5:30-6:30pm, and Friday from 10-11am. These are group sessions for up to 10 people, and the 1 hour session is $15. Private sessions are also available at $45 per hour, and scheduled to suit your needs.

Please RSVP to reserve your place in the group, as they do fill quickly. We will be working outdoors, weather permitting. It is counterproductive to work in an indoor riding arena to reconnect with nature! Please dress for the weather, and comfortably, with a sturdy shoe, boot or sneaker. You'll be given directions to the farm with your email confirmation.

Equine assisted learning and life skills for those in transition and rehabilitation...

Wellness is not a 'medical fix' but a way of living - a lifestyle sensitive and responsive to all the dimensions of body, mind, and spirit, an approach to life we each design to achieve our highest potential for well-being now and forever.  - Greg Anderson

We understand the fears and challenges our clients face, they have a new start...but how do they make it work when they are on their own? That's what where we come in. Our programs include everything our clients need to assist them in their path toward empowered independence. This includes valuable life skills such as effective communication, goal setting, responsible functioning including budgeting, planning, personal care, even healthy life choices regarding exercise and nutrition, such a meal planning, cooking skills and more. Our work together will be on the ground, face to face with the horses and their honesty and natural, primal wisdom.

We understand the financial difficulties that arise during recovery. Limited scholarship support will become available in 2018 through the Center for Equine Assisted Wellness scholarship programs. We will provide details in January 2018.


Heartwork for Horses

bodywork, reiki, aromatherapy and herbs for horses (dogs too!)

Personalized care and solutions for your equine and canine partners...

It all started with Buddy, a beautiful senior Yellow Lab mix we adopted from the veterinary clinic I worked for. He was a mess of allergies, with black skin, raw oozing sores, goopy ears and weepy eyes. This was back in the late 90's when there was few to no solutions besides weekly shots for these sweet creatures. Elimination of allergens meant going back to the basics and clearing out anything that might be harming him. I threw myself into learning, and with the help of many in the veterinary profession and began to cook for him, and then started making all his care products including soap and cleansers for his tender skin. I was lucky that I had experience and education in the culinary and animal sciences, and being an avid gardener helped too. I started learning more about herbs and essential oils that could possibly benefit him, and eventually went on to study Clinical Aromatherapy at the masters level with Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt, PhD of the Pacific Institute. Through careful experimentation we began to find solutions for Buddy, and we were blessed to have him live with us relatively allergy free for several more years. It is an experience and education that has benefited many other creatures who have come to live here with us in the years since, and has inspired my work with horses and dogs.

In the years that followed I have specialized in creating products with essential oils and herbs to enhance the wellness of horses and dogs. It led to my study of bodywork and energy work, which has created many new pathways for me, and many new ways of connecting and helping animals.

If you are local in the Southern Tier I offer training in Reiki for horses, and also hands on workshops on the safe use of essential oils for horses and dogs. I do sell organic bulk herbs for safe use with animals, and some care products that we have been making and using for almost 20 years, including our flea and tick preventative. However, I prefer to work with you individually to develop products that are created specifically for your horse or dog. My fees are very affordable, starting at $15 for the consultation (via email), and my products are competitively priced, starting at $6 for shampoos. Herbs are priced by the ounce and pound so you only have to buy what you will use to ensure a fresh supply.

At this time I am not accepting new equine clients for massage and bodywork, as my own horses fill my schedule, but am always happy to welcome new equine clients for Reiki. I charge $50 for the initial session, with discounts for subsequent visits. A $35 charge beyond 30 miles of 13760 is required.

**please note**I am not affiliated with MLM companies such as DoTerra and Young Living. I am a professionally trained and certified independent aromatherapy practitioner, and I follow the guidelines and practices of the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy.